Wirral Council investing £1.5 million in next-generation digital and ‘preventative’ telecare (UK)

Deploying sensor-based digital telecare starting November. Wirral Council announced that as part of their transitioning from analogue to digital next-generation telecare, they will introduce devices that are capable of detecting changes in behaviors such as smart plugs and movement sensors. The pilot will be delivered alongside Wirral’s commissioned community equipment and telecare provider, Medequip Assistive Technology, and care technology specialists, Alcuris.

The new devices and systems from Medequip Connect and Alcuris will support residents living at home plus families and informal carers:

  • Movement sensors, placed within the home, will enable family members and support services to detect activity and ensure the safety and wellbeing of people.
  • Smart plugs will help to indicate whether devices like microwaves and kettles are being used to ensure that vulnerable people are eating and drinking

Wirral’s evaluation of residents indicates that more than 3,500 residents are eligible for these services. Hat tip to Adrian Scaife of Alcuris for sending us the release (PDF) for first past the post break and correcting my fractured headline!

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