Weekend Must Read: WSJ’s experts sketch out future healthcare

Fortunately not paywalled on the Wall Street Journal‘s site is The Future of Health Care: Hacking, Hospitals, Technology and More, a view of Healthcare and Us out to about 2030. Most of these ten short essays give cause for optimism, except for that first one–hacking. If you thought PHI breaches were bad, DNA hacking will make that look benign. ‘The Experts’ include Robert Wachter, MD [TTA 16 April, author of ‘The Overdose’], Dr John Sotos who was medical adviser on ‘House’, David Blumenthal of the Commonwealth Fund, Marc Agronin of Miami Jewish Health System and Dr Drew Harris of Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Population Health.

Here’s the topic list:

* How Future Hackers Will Target Your DNA
“In the future, DNA hackers won’t sneak viruses into your laptop and crash websites. Instead, they’ll sneak viruses into your body and crash you, and maybe billions of other people, too.”
* What Health Care Will Look Like in 2030. Maybe.
” Computerized algorithms will empower individuals to make rapid, sound decisions about their own health and health care.”
* The Nursing Home of the Future Will Be in Our Homes
“The future solution, however, will be wholly home-based, with regular visits from a variety of different professional and volunteer caregivers providing assistance in every shape and form…Ultimately, much of the care provided by nursing-home or assisted-living staff today will be condensed into a mobile robot (or screen presence)…”

* How Technology Will Change the Doctor/Patient Interaction
“In the future, televisits and technology-enabled home care will replace many of today’s hospitalizations and ER visits….While acquiring all of this data will represent progress, the more important advance will be the creation of a system for making sense of it all…The promise of personalized medicine will become a reality.”
* How Technology Won’t Change the Doctor/Patient Interaction
“…the setup will be the same: one person who is concerned about their health, one person who is committed to helping that person, and ample uncertainty.”
* A Personalized Owner’s Manual for Your Health Care
“Coach, concierge, lifelong health record and specialist in you: your owner’s manual.”
* How Big Data Will Customize Our Health Care
“The opportunities for tweaking various systems will be tremendous. The challenge will be how to process all of this new data.”
* A Vision of a Future Free of Alzheimer’s
“…we woke up from that nightmare with a cure that combines advanced stem-cell therapeutics, precision pharmaceuticals, transcranial direct-current stimulation and a highly specific lifestyle regimen.”
* What Hospital Websites of the Future Will Look Like
“Suddenly a real customer is emerging in health care: a patient who is price-shopping, and asking what kind of value they get for their dollar.”
* What Future Hospitals Will Look Like
“…hospitals will assume new roles, in many cases serving as organizing and financing hubs that bring together all the providers in a community”

Hat tip to occasional contributor and data analytics whiz Sarianne Gruber via Twitter (@subtleimpact)

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