Virtual consulter Teladoc acquires Consult A Doctor

Dallas, Texas-based telemedicine provider Teladoc yesterday announced their acquisition of Miami Beach, Florida-based Consult A Doctor.  Price was not disclosed nor the future of management and staff at Consult A Doctor. The release portrays the acquisition of small Consult A Doctor (below $1 million in sales, D&B) as reinforcing Teladoc’s 6 million member customer base and an estimated 125,000 annual consults with individuals and employees of small- to medium-size businesses. Teladoc is VC backed: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (2011) with $18.6 million; $9 million (2009) by HLM Venture Partners, Cardinal Health and Trident Capital. It offers internal medicine, pediatrics, and family medicine physician visits either by telephone or online, depending upon the state, and has national coverage (although Texas law limits it locally!) Most recently they have piloted joint programs with insurers Aetna in Texas and Florida [TTA 26 April], Blue Shield of California (2012) and Highmark (Pennsylvania) along with partnering with telemedicine kiosk HealthSpotStation early this year. MedCityNewsRelated: DHealthcareDaily interview with CEO Jason Gorevic

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