Use of telehealth in diabetes self-management – Taiwan study

An 18-month study of diabetes patients in Taiwan has shown that using a telehealth programme was effective in enhancing blood glucose monitoring and that the patients in the programme showed improvements in glycemic control, according to a paper published this month.

Wrting in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the authors Lichin Chen and others describe what they refer to as a diabetes telehealthcare programme whereby patients received assistance from an online diabetes self-management system to record and manage their daily activities, a 3G glucometer to monitor their glucose and a teleconsultant service to enhance their self-management activities.

Candidates for the study included patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, those with a blood glucose level (HbA) greater than 7.5 or identified as not well controlled. Comparing the results for the patients on the programme with a control group, the authors show that the telehealthcare programme had a positive effect on patients with diabetes. Read the full paper here.

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