Two new health applications for Google Glass

Beyond the surgical suite [TTA 24 Sept, 16 Nov], developers keep building platforms that enable telemedicine consults with Google Glass. An exciting one is Beam, developed by Remedy, which allows clinicians to securely share images, text, video and location through Glass. The consult can either be live streamed (synchronous) or store-and-forward (asynchronous) through Beam’s ‘expert interface’. Harvard and The University of Pennsylvania started pilots of Beam in March. The intriguing background is that one of the co-founders, Noor Siddiqui, is but 19–albeit one who has a Thiel Fellowship which gives young entrepreneurs the $100,000 opportunity to skip college and work on their project. Fast Company/Co.Exist, MedCityNews, press release via Telepresence Options. A bit more ‘out there’ is Personal Neuro Devices’ Introspect PND Wearable, a ‘passive brain monitor’ that based on the pictures, is an add-on to Glass that surrounds the head from back to front, with two sensors that extend between the ears and eyes. Ottawa, Canada-based PND claims it reads brain waves and the app then applies the changes to provide feedback, such as special content to modulate moods (their other business.) Release, PND page with video/pictures, ApplySci

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