Tunstall UK’s managing director elected to TSA Board (UK)

Simon Arnold, Tunstall’s UK & Ireland Managing Director has been elected [by whom?] to be the TSA Director to represent supply sector members. In the TSA press release Tunstall’s Managing Director joins TSA Board (PDF) Chief Executive Trevor Single says “We are delighted that Simon as MD of the industry’s largest technology solutions provider has joined the TSA board [sic] at this pivotal time…” And Simon says “I’m delighted to be elected to the TSA Board to represent the industry. This is such a pivotal time…”

We wonder what readers make of this strengthening of Tunstall’s presence within TSA?

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  1. Cathy

    I believe Victor Meldrew* had a phrase for this sort of situation?

    But then it is a membership organisation and if that is what the membership choose so be it … will be interesting to see how it changes the membership over the next few years!

    [i]* A character in a British TV sitcom “One Foot in the Grave” – Curiously I just looked him up being aware that not all readers will be aware of Victor Meldrew and found this reason for him being at home so much “Victor tries to adjust to life after his infamous replacement by a “box” at his place of employment” – he was an early victim of telesomething stealing jobs?[/i]

  2. Anon

    I assume that he replaces Malcolm Fisk who resigned as a board member representing the supply sector last month.

    Is the TSA board now stronger and more united, or weaker because they have lost a member who wouldn’t be walked over?

  3. UpNorthAndToTheRight

    Is that the Tenant Services Authority? I thought that shut down in April.
    It must be because I cannot think of any other TSA that has any power.
    Regulators, mount up.

  4. Stephen

    I have heard a rumour that at their next meeting his first point on the agenda is to have a name change to Tunstall Services Association!

  5. Jo

    I believe that it is a good thing for the largest provider of equipment (and perhaps service too) in this sector to be represented on the board of the TSA. This could actually help put pressure on Tunstall to work with the industry rather than against it – though it might be argued that it might also help them to take over the industry. Worse still, it could influence the TSA to continue to support policies and activities that reject innovation in favour of the extremely narrow (and dated) delivery model that both the current and the new integrated Codes of Practice not only support but insist on. Unfortunately, the Three Million Lives campaign’s industry group also supports the TSA’s approach – but this is hardly surprising once the identities of the chair and deputy chair are considered. I wonder what role the other trade bodies in 3ML? Surely they aren’t acting in the best interests of their members if they allow the chair, the deputy chair, and the TSA to dominate when they each have such vested interests in following the “old” and expensive approach to service delivery which, through has already succeeded in reducing the positive impact of the WSD outcomes through inflated costs.

    The TSA faces an incredibly difficult future – and many would say that they wont survive the next 2 years – Simon Arnold must know this and would hate to be an officer on a sinking ship. So it could be a very interesting 2013!

    If you were the MD of a new organisation that wanted to introduce a radically new service, product or model of care and support into the UK, would you join the TSA knowing the way that it operates? Is there another organisation out there that might offer a better home to such an organisation?

  6. Steve Hards, Editor

    I’m now hearing that not all TSA members were aware that there was a Board vacancy or even that the vote had taken place. I wonder what comprises a valid election under the TSA constitution and whether there might be a challenge?

  7. Anon

    It seems like a number of other suppliers were not aware of the vacancy or election, I suspect there will be a few challenges to this!!