Tunstall Healthcare announces new group CEO, Emil Peters

The Guard Changeth. Emil Peters will be joining Tunstall Healthcare as group CEO, effective 16 May. Mr. Peters is departing Cerner Corporation, having come up through the ranks over 25 years through international directorates and markets, leaving only briefly for a seven-month sojourn at TriZetto in 2012. For the past five years, he has been president of Cerner Global, managing all territories outside of the US from London, and previously general manager of Cerner Europe and Latin America. With the acquisition of Cerner by Oracle pending the usual approvals and then the usual restructuring, this is likely to be a fortuitous move on both sides.

Mr. Peters will succeed Gordon Sutherland, who held the position from September 2016 and oversaw many changes, but most significantly the change of ownership and company restructuring finalized in April 2020 from Charterhouse Capital Partners to a lender group led by Barings and M&G [TTA 10 April 2020 and 30 October 2020].

Peter Nicklin, chairman of the Tunstall board, who himself joined the company in March 2021, commented: “As we move forward past our 65th year anniversary and continue to expand our digital technology capabilities, I am thrilled to have Peters leading the charge. His leadership experience is perfectly placed to empower the Tunstall team to deliver products and services that, ultimately, save and prolong lives.”

This is the third high-profile change at Tunstall in the past year. In August, Gary Steen came from TalkTalk as Group Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Yorkshire Times.

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