TTA’s Hello to Fall 9: Spotlight on Virtual Nursing, Forward’s CarePods, VA grilled on Oracle Cerner, One Medical bulks up, NHS tracks behavioral changes, Indian Health EHR award, more!



A newsy week before Thanksgiving is ‘back to the future’ with health kiosks or ‘pods’, VA grilled on Oracle Cerner progress, and NHS tracking behavioral changes as indicators of health changes (!!) Our Spotlight this week in both news and Perspectives is virtual nursing. One Medical builds up specialist networks and employer benefits. Indian Health Service awards $2.5 billion EHR to a partner with Oracle Cerner. Plus fundings, buy closings, and layoffs. 

Primary care provider Forward introduces CarePod kiosks, raises $100 million for deployment–but will it work this time? (We compare previous and present efforts)
Short takes: Oracle Cerner still has major hurdles, says VA, Congress; One Medical adds Hackensack Meridian to specialist network, HTA to employer benefits; NHS trialing AI tracking of home behavioral patterns for at-risk patients (NHS gets tried and true)
Virtual nursing comes to the forefront: Avera Health (SD) launches at two hospitals, Doccla launches ‘virtual wards’ at home with Up Care Derbyshire (UK) (News around our Spotlight)
Perspectives: The Impact of Virtual Nursing on Telehealth (In the Spotlight)
Roundup: Virgin Pulse, NextGen close fast; Elucid, Eleos, Vida, Neteera funding; One Medical-CommonSpirit; Indian Health $2.5B EHR to General Dynamics+Oracle; losses, layoffs at Cano Health, 15% digital cuts at Mass General Brigham

This week’s story is about more corporate shakeups at Walgreens, starting in the suites. There’s better news at Owlet, Best Buy, Envision, Walmart, and Philips. VR looks like its day in healthcare may finally come. And Amazon bites a bullet and deep discounts One Medical virtual services for Prime members. (But what if they actually use it?)

Breaking: Walgreens lays off 5% of corporate staff; chief medical officer, chief of staff for CEO to depart (The quake shakes the suites)
Short takes: Owlet Dream Sock FDA clearance; Best Buy-Mass General partner for at-home care; Amazon offers Prime members deeper One Medical discount (Need to pay off that $3.9 billion!)
Get your goggles on! Augmented and virtual reality finally taking off, from alleviating child pain to astronaut mental health (‘Bout time)
Early news roundup: Envision exits Ch. 11, splits; Walgreens’ new CIO; Philips’ $60M from Gates Foundation; more on Walmart-Orlando Health partnership; Cigna may sell MA business

A jam-packed week kicks off November with major payer and Amwell Q3 earnings. We catch up on Oracle Cerner and VA news, including a dubious AI effort. Some end-of-year signs of life with sales, financings, and partnerships. But sadly more layoffs (Centene, Carbon Health) and foldings (OliveAI). And once again, DOJ says it’s out to make M&A difficult.

Week-end short takes: payer earnings for Centene, Cigna, Humana; Centene and Walmart partner in FL; Dispatch Health and US Acute Care partner; Amwell widens loss; ProMedica $710M home health sale; AQuity’s $200M sale to IKS Health (Not beer and skittles for payers)
This ‘n’ that: HHS settles *2017* ransomware breach, Carbon Health lays off 114 in restructuring, why oh why VC General Catalyst wants a $3B health system, when Larry Met Billy, a lexicon of workplace terms
Catching up on Oracle Cerner and the VA, plus the AI ‘tech sprint’ (More distractions for the VA)
Olive AI selling rest of business to Waystar Health and Humata Health, winding down: reports (Another unicorn minus a horn)
News roundup: Walgreens & CVS pharmacy staff 3 day walkout, DOJ ramping up healthcare acquisition scrutiny, Cantata Health sold to TT Capital, Lancashire County Council chooses Progress Lifeline for TECS (UK) (On DOJ and M&A, we told you so!)
UHG’s Optum UK closes £1.24B buy of EMIS Group (One year later)

A busy week with some signs of life–and the first IPO in a year–in healthcare/tech funding. But others run out of money runway as year’s end approaches. Teladoc’s 2023 far better than their disastrous 2022–why stock doesn’t reflect it. Apple Watch violates patents again according to ITC. And can prescribed apps win in the UK?

Weekend reading: new study finds lack of GP and healthcare access driving 55% of UK patients to online/apps, desire for prescribed apps (Maybe now’s the time in the UK)
Breaking: ITC bans Apple Watch imports on violating Masimo blood oxygen measuring patents (updated) (David v. Goliath Redux)
Teladoc narrows loss in Q3 and YTD, grows revenue, adjusted profits…but stock sinks (Time to change direction again)
News roundup: Waystar’s $8B IPO plan, Perficient to buy SMEDIX, PicnicHealth buys AllStripes, MDLIVE buys, Sage garners $15M, Cureatr shuts suddenly, Calibrate reorganizes, BetterUp lays off 16% (updated)

Big changes and losses roil the retail healthcare side through to primary care. Big reorganizations, closings, layoffs at Walgreens, VillageMD, and CVS Health. Rite Aid goes Chapter 11 to deal with litigation and losses. One Medical’s Iora Health finally rebrands in moving under Amazon.

Turmoil smacks retail healthcare (updated): Walgreens to shut 60 VillageMDs, as Village names 3 new presidents; CVS shakeup continues; Rite Aid bankrupt; Amazon’s One Medical rebrands Iora (Seems like the projections were more than a little off)

A busy HLTH brings news and a lot of resetting, notably Walgreens’. Big Investor General Catalyst gets into the ‘health assurance’ business (sigh) and merges two portfolio companies. Big Funding for rural health. Cano Health scrambles to survive, Babylon UK transitions but Rwanda shuts. And DEA kicks the controlled substances telehealth prescribing can down the 2024 road.

Short takes: follow up on Cano Health’s survival moves, eMed transitioning Babylon Health UK but Babyl Rwanda shuts, DEA extends telehealth prescribing for controlled substances thru 2024 (Closing chapters)
Walgreens’ transformation continues: new CEO enters, CIO exits, launches Virtual Healthcare in 9 states (The tap dance accelerates)
Two studies: telehealth’s ‘generation gap’ and $22B target for healthcare generative AI–by 2032
Funding/new business roundup: General Catalyst’s HATco ‘health assurance’ venture and $6B portfolio merger, Brightside Health expands, Diana Health’s $34M, Headway’s $125M, Main Street Health’s $315M (Back to ‘transforming healthcare’)

The EMIS acquisition cleared the CMA in the UK. Rock Health tries to put the best face on Q3’s US digital health funding doldrums.

Rock Health Q3 funding roundup: shrinking to fit ‘the new normal’ = the doldrums (Nothing mighty about being stuck in the horse latitudes)
CMA clears £1.2B EMIS acquisition by UnitedHealth Group’s Optum (UK) (It took a year, but UHG nabs the UK GP EHR leader)

It’s feeling like autumn in endings and change. Cano Health is being parted out like an old unrestorable car. Veradigm’s Nasdaq troubles accelerate with delisting and UpHealth is another cracked SPAC. Yet there is encouraging fresh growth with one big merger in employer wellness benefits and two fundings in women’s midlife health and home-based acute care.

News roundup: Veradigm facing Nasdaq delisting, UpHealth files Chapter 11, Virgin Pulse-HealthComp $3B merger, MidiHealth’s $25M Series A, Inbound Health’s $30M Series B (Veradigm still hasn’t figured out a financial software problem after 6 months?)
Cano Health’s dismemberment: Texas, Nevada primary care centers sold to Humana’s CenterWell for $66.7M, more to come (Parting out the old car)

Catching up on industry fundings and pivots, ATA, Walgreens at a crossroads, and the controversies surrounding DocGo in New York.

Short takes: Intuition Robotics gains $25M funding, Akili Interactive abandons digital Rx therapeutics, NextGen goes private for $1.8B, ATA’s DC advocacy ‘fly in’ + launches new tools on disparities
Walgreens trying to reboot “healthcare transformation” momentum, looking for new CEO, settling with Theranos litigants
 (The high cost of an industry race)
Could DocGo be another Babylon Health or Theranos? CEO resignation may be only the start of their troubles. (NYC/NYS controversy that may forecast further problems)

Following up on Babylon’s bankruptcy and administration, was it simply another Theranos? The fate of the GP at Hand (UK) service seems to be separate from Babylon. 

Echoes of Theranos in Babylon Health? And additional information on GP at Hand.
Babylon Health UK in administration, assets sold to eMed Healthcare Ltd.

Best of back posts!

Short takes: FTC’s Lina Khan’s vendetta on tech, employers disillusioned with virtual care, telepsychiatry cuts LOS and inpatient ED, Lotte’s AI-assisted telepsych diagnostics, ThymeCare’s $60M Series B (Why Cassandra is warning you!)

Weekend reading: Forbes picks the next $1B startups, is TV streaming analogous to the future of healthcare? (Yes, there may be unicorns, and the fracturing of TV and healthcare)

Babylon Health files for US Chapter 7 bankruptcy, winding down Babyl Rwanda and ending care for 2.8 million users (Hull loss for Babylon. Parting out starts 12 Sept)

M&A and FTC/DOJ antitrust changes

Healthcare M&A hit a 3 year low in Q2 2023, to the surprise of none: KPMG (Many reasons why-and we add a few observations)

FTC, HHS OCR scrutiny tightens on third-party ad trackers, sends letter to 130 hospitals and telehealth providers

Another antitrust shoe drops: FTC, DOJ publish Draft Merger Guidelines for comment–what are the effects? (New restrictions not good for founders, managers, VCs)

FTC, DOJ float enhanced information requirements for HSR premerger notification filing process–what will be M&A effects? (More dampers on a down market?)

Insurtechs and their pivots

Living to fight another day: insurtechs Bright Health, Clover Health, and Oscar Health report improved Q2s, H1s (updated) (Bright still at brink, but Clover and Oscar pivoting)

Legal roundup: Dorsata sues athenahealth, provider group on trade secret theft, Nevada terms Friday Health Plans (Dorsata as another ‘David’)

Why the ‘insurtechs’ didn’t revolutionize health insurance–and the damage they may have done (Back to the legacy payers)
Bright Health to exit insurance business, selling California plans to Molina for up to $600 million–contingent on surviving to 2024 (A dicey proposition all round)

Funding for telehealth and digital health
Rock Health’s first half funding roundup adjusts the bath temperature to tepid, the bubbles to flat (2020-22 an aberration)

“Hope is not a business model”–advice from two VCs, with a bit more advice on basic banking (We unpack good advice for early-stage companies)

‘Warning flare’ study: will pandemic-induced digital health solutions get renewed by hospitals in 2023-4, or will they churn? (Get cracking with your account relationships)

Watch your cash burn! Now 31 months average for startups between Series A and B. Now what do you do? (Cautionary advice for startups)

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