Three Ireland health tech startups profiled

Liesel Butterfield, a young marketer/business development exec with Enterprise Ireland, focuses on three young companies with investment from EI:

  • Beats Medical: an app that delivers metronome sound wave therapy, reminders and assessments to Parkinson’s disease patients. The principle is cueing and auditory stimulation which has been proven to aid these patients in maintaining mobility, reducing symptoms and a characteristic freezing of gait. In 2013 it was an Enterprise Ireland high-potential startup. Founder Ciara Clancy  was named Laureate for Europe at the Cartier Women’s Initiative 2015. HQ in Dublin and London.
  • DocLink is an app with a secure document management system which enables communications of text, video and images between doctors globally. It also has a newsfeed/forum that tailors information by specialty. HQ is near Dublin.
  • Ayda is an app with a sensor device that adheres to your underarm . Its primary use is highly targeted to female fertility tracking. In pre-market, HQ’d in Cork and San Francisco.

LinkedIn Pulse. Hat tip to Liesel.

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