The ‘over-quantified self’

A surprisingly dim view, at the level of The Gimlet Eye’s, of the Quantified Self, by Deanna Pogorelc in MedCityNews. She leads off with a tweet with Eric Topol reporting his first patient with ‘cyberchondria’. What to do with the data other than worrying about it? Well, it seems that developers and car makers like Ford and BMW are insisting that we have it (yes, heart rate DOES go up in NYC rush hour traffic), but does the average, non-chronic-condition person know what to do with TMI (too much information) other than worry? “The heart of the quantified self movement is empowering patients with their own data, but some of the startups and research projects I’ve seen lately make me think that we are overestimating the total number of people who want it and know what to do with it.” Well said. Are we headed toward the over-quantified self?

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