The health disruptors, about to be themselves disrupted

FierceMedicalDevices on Friday had an article on disruption of the hearing aid business that looks like it could have slipped through a time warp from a few years back – it even mentions faxing as a part of the new process.

The disruption it transpires is separating hearing test from hearing aid provision, the results of the test being sent to a provider “via fax or email”. This it seems is likely to reduce device costs (no mention of the tests costs) from $1,000-$6,000 to some $700/pair.

However, as a Royal Society of Medicine audience heard recently, the BioAid hearing aid – already available for download free on to an iPhone – will shortly also be available as a dedicated ear-fitted device for a fraction of this cost. As it will be configurable by the user, most people will not require any audiometry at all.

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