The future of Telehealth & Telecare Aware

As from today I, Editor Steve, am retiring from the Telehealth & Telecare Aware editorial team. After giving it my continuous attention for eight years it is time for me to focus on my other interests such as promoting my PowerPoint addins and nurturing my fledgling web design business. From now on I shall only be helping with the tech side of running the site.

I therefore thank you, loyal readers, whose comments and communications have kept me going during these years. I’d particularly like to express my appreciation to Tynetec which has advertised with TTA since it started and has never sought to influence editorial policy or content. Thanks too to Eldercare and Air Products for their sustained advertising support in recent years.

I have very special thanks, of course, for Donna Cusano for the amount of time that she has also put in since 2009 to keep us all up to speed on developments in the US. Without her TTA would have folded several years ago.

So…I am extremely pleased to announce that as I step back Donna has agreed to step forward as TTA’s new Editor in Chief. She will be supported by a number of volunteer contributing editors: Toni Bunting, Chrys Meewella, Mike Burton, Alasdair Morrison and Charles Lowe who will be covering UK developments and introducing their own observations as often seen already in the TANN Ireland and TANN England sites and in comments. My grateful thanks to them too.

I wish Donna and the team every success. They will no doubt set about reinventing and reinvigorating TTA. Donna has already indicated that she would like to shift more towards interpreting trends and that one of the contributing editors has a post for Monday that you will not want to miss!

Best wishes to you all, Ex-editor Steve.

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  1. Mike Clark

    Thanks to Steve for all the great work on telehealth, telecare and digital tech over the years. Good luck with future ventures.
    all the best.


  2. Steve,
    Can I personally thank you for the effort you have put in to running the site. It has been a great source of information and for comment. You have provided a balance and breadth to the area of technology in care that has not been matched elsewhere.
    Good luck and thanks

  3. Just to say thank you Steve for all your hard work over the years. I have followed you and Telecare Aware since the early days. The editorial skill and critical viewpoint you brought to discussions on Telecare Policy, practice and other matters, together with the dedication and belief in the benfits of Telecare as a valuable and important service to support those in need. I wish you well in your ventures. I look forward to the continuing voice of Telecare Aware as a resource for all things connected with Telecare.
    Thank you
    Mike Orton

  4. Steve, The best e-zine on telecare/telehealth around, great work and best wishes in developing your design business. Congratulations to Donna.

  5. Hi Steve, Recent addition to reading the telecareaware and I have found it very interesting and informative, thank you for your work and I wish you every success for the future.
    Good luck Donna, tough act to follow and I have only been reading for the last year!

  6. Cathy

    Sad to read (but not unexpected; the style has been evolving the past few months) Tuesdays and Fridays will just not be the same anymore.

    All the best with your new plans Steve and “keep ’em coming” Donna and team.

  7. Hi Steve,
    The team at Telecare24 would like to wish you all the best in your new venture.
    We have always found the site incredibly informative and you have always personally been very constructive whenever we approached you on your views on the way we were taking our own telecare service.

    You were good enough to signpost our telecare24 blog on your site recently, something we really appreciate.

    Congratulations to Donna, we look forward to future developments of TTA.


    Stewart – TeleCare24

  8. John shanahan

    congrats Steve!
    Telecareaware has served its readers very well, good luck to Donna and every best wish for all your new ventures.
    John S

  9. Lynda Dowling

    Thanks for providing a useful, informative & important update for so long, though i’m only 2 years in. Good luck in your on going ventures.

  10. Thanks so much Steve for the insights and simply for the vast array of material you have brought to my (our) attention. It’s made a real difference – in its information and, sometime, watchdog roles. To misquote Voltaire (I think) “If TelecareAware didn’t exist, man (er, and woman) would have to invent it!” Good luck to Donna and their ‘support team’.

  11. Thank you all – all the commenters above and everyone who has sent a personal message – for your very kind words. I’m pleased to be bowing out still on good terms with everyone in the field – well, almost everyone! – and I just hope that you have got it all sussed and sorted by the time, in a few years, when I shall in need of some of the technology!

    Best regards to you all. Steve