Telehealth – the RSM guide

Some while back a suggestion was made that the Royal Society of Medicine produced a short guide to telehealth that gave an unbiased a view as possible of the topic.

Well it’s now been published on the website and will also be available in print at selected conferences and similar gatherings.  The intention is that it can be given to clinicians, patients and other interested parties that want to know more.  It is also unashamed publicity for the RSM’s (unbiased) telehealth-related events, for those that want to know even more – the website version will be refreshed as events come & go.

I should immediately declare an interest as one of the authors – the others are Prof Brian McKinstry, Dr Richard Williams and Helen Lyndon.

Special thanks to inHealthcare and medvivo for their kind sponsorship.

Hope you like it!

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  1. Cathy

    Charles – well done to the team; I like it in all aspects except one – who chose the colour scheme? (I hope that wasn’t from an expensive graphic designer). The sludgy green is dreary and depressing and the impact of the little illustration strip is lost in the washed out pinks and reds with white text. I am sure those things can be readily fixed on the website though?

  2. Cathy – many thanks for your comment. The person who organised this in the RSM is out this week – when she returns next week I will ask if these changes can be considered.