Telehealth in Thailand from Canadian company

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”180″ /]Demonstrating that companies can cross borders successfully [TTA 26 July], Vancouver-based ReFleX Wireless is conducting a paid trial of its telehealth system with Kluaynamthai Hospital Group (KNT) in Bangkok starting in October. Their eVitals patient portal/monitoring service will be used with KNT’s remote patients via its Geriatric and Stroke Centres as part of the KNT Virtual Hospital Strategy (see left). It connects with monitors such as the AQWave HeartRhythm mobile application. The lessons here for developers are:

  1. Trade missions can work, and quickly. ReFleX’s initial contact with KNT was through the British Columbia ICT Trade mission in June. Your Editor has not heard of US health tech using this channel–or maybe the barriers are higher.
  2. US and UK products should look to international competitions and markets. ReFleX Wireless originated as Project Z out of University of British Columbia, gained support from the local Wavefront Accelerator and was one of two winners in the 2010-2011 New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) Next Idea competition, which invites ex-US applicants to NYC.
  3. Accept that the design will shift. ReFleX started as a multi-patient monitoring system for use in hospital wards. It’s now clearly being used for remote, at-home post-discharge patient monitoring.

ReFleX Wireless press release.

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