Telecare – Providing Dignity, Security and Efficiency

1) To view it via internet you will need to provide your contact details to this commercial company, GBTV’s LocalGov TV (not to be confused with the LGA’s Local Government Channel on . The quid pro for viewing the video is that you will receive marketing material. It is available to buy on DVD, but the price isn’t revealed on the site.

2) The programme is split into segements. The viewing lengths are:

  • Expert Panel – Telecare Opportunities: 7 min
  • Case Study- Notts Care Services – Award Winning Telecare: 6 min
  • Case Study- Cheshire County Mainstreams Telecare: 8 min
  • Case Study- Safety Confirmation – A New Approach to Telecare: 5 min
  • Policy Drivers and Initiatives: 3 min
  • Clarifying the Terminology: 4 min
  • Service and Technology Options: 4 min
  • Procurement through PASA: 3 min
  • PTG Preventative Technology Grant: 2 min
  • Key Challenges: 7 min
  • Local Authority Progress to Date: 7 min
  • The Future for Telecare: 6 min

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