TechForce 19 follow up: Alcuris’ results on testing Memo Hub (UK)

Often this Editor has been frustrated with lack of interesting follow up to these government initiatives to share with our Readers. Fortunately, Adrian Scaife of Alcuris, has stayed in touch, first on the experience of being a participant, and this week to provide their findings on their tested solution. From the release and the attached white paper, their results in testing the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Memo service were as follows:

• Positive reassurance for families with the majority creating daily reassurance alerts and 40% creating alerts for events that worry them.
• 80% positive feedback from Memo Hub® users, with the remaining 20% neutral.
• An increase in early preventative interventions by families driven by new insight.
• 40% of care plans provided by Social Care amended due to the insight provided by the Memo service. Care plan size both increased and decreased, the common factor being a better-quality plan with a closer fit to user needs.

The study did not test other features in the Memo Hub suite, such as smart automated alerts, the alarm call safety net, and carer logging.

Alcuris’ press release and Executive Summary are available here. For a full report, email

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