The King’s Fund’s ‘newspaper’ on health and the General Election (UK)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]The King’s Fund is now participating in the runup to the 7 May UK General Election with Health and the election, a format roundup of national health issues. Much of it centers around the present and the future of the NHS, and what The King’s Fund is tracking as the deterioration in service in such metrics as waiting times for A&E, cancer care and routine operations, coupled with growing deficits. Will the NHS be a deciding factor in the election, as the ITV report seems to indicate? The King’s Fund is gathering the coverage and tracking possible answers to that question. TTA is an official supporter of The King’s Fund, and their upcoming Digital Health and Care Congress 2015 on 16-17 June. TTA readers enjoy a 10% discount when using this exclusive link.