TTA Bright: THINKMD, Save the Children partner for digital child health assessment

Putting digital diagnostics in the pocket of healthcare workers, worldwide. Isn’t a story that is bright and cheerful, about doing something good, needed right now? THINKMD is a digital clinical intelligence platform that uses machine learning (ML) to analyze key clinical data and to provide a dynamic evaluation similar to a physician’s assessment. It uses a web app that works offline as well. What THINKMD does is to basically transfer a knowledge base plus how a physician would logically approach the medical situation, followed by a care plan, to a health worker without those advanced skills in a remote area. Product demo

THINKMD already works with Save the Children in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Kenya. Save the Children is a well-known, century-old international organization that is on the ground in 120 countries working for the welfare and health of children. Since 2017, in the existing partnership, they have achieved over 366,000 high-quality clinical assessments performed by over 400 frontline health workers. The agreement is to license THINKMD’s platform to Save the Children in order to expand the existing partnership between the organizations, enabling adoption and scaling of THINKMD’s platform to improve the health of children globally. It is the first such agreement for Save the Children. THINKMD is currently being used in a total of 10 countries. Hat tip to Nick Olsson of ‘We Are Explorers’. THINKMD release plus a blog post by co-founder Dr. Barry Finette about the agreement