TEC Cymru launches telecare programme strategy for Wales to complete digital transition by 2025

TEC Cymru, Wales’ national platform to use, scale up, and spread technology-enabled healthcare across health and care, has launched its new Telecare Programme Strategy to guide digital migration changes over the next 18 months for the December 2025 digital telecom deadline. 

The strategy document, published today (9 Nov) outlines action to support Welsh ARCs (Alarm Receiving Centres) with digital migration over the next 18 months, working with NHS and social care entities. The goals are:

  • Ensure telecare services in Wales are fully ‘digitally enabled’ comfortably ahead of the 2025 deadline
  • Shift the narrative from reactive to proactive care through common data standards and interoperable protocols allowing for greater
    opportunities for widespread TEC adoption
  • Enable a culture of high performance and measurable outcomes on the importance of telecare in Wales to its citizens through producing consistent business intelligence data

Once this is accomplished, the next move will be to move forward with Next Generation Telecare and a workforce restructured to handle reactive and proactive alerts, supported by health and social care teams.

For migration, the test bed was The Vale of Glamorgan Council. They completed their upgrade to a SaaS-based digital ARC in six months, from January to July this year. Their summary report is here. TEC Cymru also provides a toolkit for pre-migration planning. More information on their website. Release (PDF).