Breaking: NHS Digital appoints Simon Bolton interim CEO

Breaking News: NHS Digital announced today the appointment of Simon Bolton, currently chief information officer of Test and Trace, as interim chief executive officer effective on 4 June. He will be replacing Sarah Wilkinson, who was CEO since August 2017 and resigned on 26 March [TTA 26 Mar]. The NHS Digital release confirms her departure as of June and that the two will be working ahead of time to effect the transition.

NHS Digital provides and supervises information, data, and IT systems for the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care.

Mr. Bolton was the former CIO of Jaguar Land Rover and joined Test and Trace last August. His LinkedIn profile also includes CIO and senior IT positions at Rolls-Royce and AkzoNobel. He holds a board position at Tech Partnership Degrees and is an independent governor of the University of Derby.

The NHS Digital Board will be conducting an open competition to recruit for the role on a permanent basis later this year. 

Breaking: Sarah Wilkinson, CEO of NHS Digital, resigns, to depart by summer

Breaking News. NHS Digital announced Friday afternoon (UK time) that Sarah Wilkinson, CEO of NHS Digital since August 2017, has resigned and will be departing her post this summer. The rationale given in the release is to carry forward the work of NHS Digital after the COVID pandemic:

“As the work associated with the pandemic starts to stabilise, and planning commences for the ambitious program of transformation over the next few years, I have come to the conclusion that it would be better for a new CEO to step into the role now so that they can provide continuous leadership over the programs of that post-Covid agenda, and now is an appropriate time for me to leave the organisation. That new CEO will be able to build upon strong foundations in an organisation that knows what it can do, and I will work closely with them to ensure a smooth transition to new leadership for our programmes, products, and people.”

NHS Digital is seeking an interim CEO to transition the position from Ms. Wilkinson. The NHS Digital Board will start the open search for candidates to permanently fill the position later this year. NHS Digital provides and supervises information, data, and IT systems for the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care.

Ms. Wilkinson came to NHS Digital from the chief information officer (CIO) position at the Home Office (2015-2017) and previously from the banking sector with technology titles at Credit Suisse, HSBC, and UBS. Her board positions include NatWest Markets and King’s College London.

Certainly more to come from this!