Who are the top tech influencers in UK, Germany, and France? Tyto PR compiles a ‘Tech 500 Power List’.

A snack for the weekend. The close of this Year Like No Other (which to this Editor feels like Unfinished Business) brings the usual year-end lists and predictions for 2021, which we all hope will be a better year. UK/EU PR agency, Tyto PR (not to be confused with telehealth/RPM company Tyto Care and with no business relationship), has prepared the former, covering 500 tech influencers in the UK, Germany, and France. While the list is general tech, there’s some representation of health tech and influencers, especially political and academic. The main page lists the top 50 in UK, with pages in German and French for their respective top 50 lists.

#1 on the UK list is Matt Hancock, who needs no introduction to our UK Readers. #3 is Liz Aschall-Payne, CEO of ORCHA (Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps), which reviews and rates medical and health apps, and on whose LinkedIn feed this Editor viewed it. In October, we noted their partnership with the US’ American Telemedicine Association (ATA) on the app rating problem. On all the lists, there are a lot of politicians and professors, by their own admission, attributed to COVID-19. The list main site, for your review.