More details on the HIMSS-Informa partnership on HIMSS24-Global Health Conference & Exhibition

HIMSS has confirmed to this Editor additional information on the open items in our 2 August article, as well as on the update produced by HIMSS for their media arm. As previously confirmed, the name of the conference for 2024 will remain the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition.

  • The partnership with Informa is only for the Global Health Conference at this time. HIMSS will continue to fully manage its international shows, such as the upcoming September APAC Conference and any planned European conferences.
  • When asked specifically about Informa managing HIMSS-branded international conferences, they emphasized the focus being on HIMSS24, with potential to grow the HIMSS brand.
  • Informa will fully manage the HIMSS24 show, including registration and travel arrangements, while HIMSS will provide the content for the conference. As previously noted, HIMSS is already soliciting speaker proposals for HIMSS24.
  • The contact at Informa for the show will be Ken McAvoy, president, South Florida Ventures at Informa Markets and at HIMSS, Elli Riley, VP Events & Exhibitions at HIMSS. However, as noted by HIMSS’ CEO Hal Wolf in the HIMSS Media interview was that their conference organizing people will be moving over to Informa.
  • HIMSS leadership started to seek a partner for the Global Conference more than a year ago. The discussions with Informa were ongoing for the past several months.
  • Of great interest to exhibitors who have already booked or are about to book for Orlando in 2024, they do not anticipate any significant changes to the logistics arrangements for HIMSS24, nor to any booked exhibition spaces. They are looking for ways to improve the onsite experience and create more value for customers.
  • At this time, HIMSS is not planning to revisit or revive regional conferences or Health 2.0.
  • HIMSS will continue to be a mission-driven nonprofit focused on a vision to realize the full health potential of every human, everywhere. An interesting statement was that “Governments are selecting HIMSS to do their analyses, and the largest employers of healthcare turn to HIMSS to help make the right operational decisions. HIMSS will continue to grow its thought leadership and take on initiatives and issues that are vital to health and healthcare.” which indicates growth in their consultancy area.
  • No financials were disclosed.

This is a developing story and will be updated.