Mojo Vision’s really smart vision correcting/AR contact lenses

Didn’t Novartis and Google give up on ‘smart lenses’ in 2014 or so? Instead of a drug delivery system, Mojo Vision has a more realistic view of contact lenses–vision correction and compensations for vision impairments–plus some augmented reality add-ons that could be useful not only for vision enhancement but also in hazardous situations and for service professionals.  The potential for these lenses is great, not only in the corrective ability to increase contrast or enhance color, but also in their technology which can display simple information on the lens. The display focuses light on the fovea, the central portion of the cornea which has most of the eye’s photoreceptors. The display is powered by a thin-film battery and in a future iteration will connect to your smartphone.

Mark Sullivan from Fast Company has been covering Mojo for a while and as promised at the top of the article, it’s a long read about the lenses and the developers, who for a refreshing change are not 30. It’s still unnerving to read about contact lenses with batteries and images projected on your retina, but if this ‘moonshot’ works, it could be a breakthrough in vision correction far beyond conventional lenses.