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Telecare Aware News Network briefing


When Telecare Aware started in 2005 it focused on news from the UK. However, it quickly developed an international perspective, helping readers note developments in other countries that possibly had general lessons or implications for the industry. This took a big step forward with the appointment in September 2009 of Donna Cusano to improve TA’s North American coverage and to provide context for developments based there.

However, this growth meant that coverage of country-specific news items, such as Government policy developments and local development projects were squeezed out of the news stream.

From our news searches we frequently see items that would interest readers in particular counties but we do not report them because they would not interest the general readership. Countries where we think there is an immediate need for their own sites are:
Australia (now active)
Canada (now active)
England (now active)
France (now active)
Italy (active soon)
New Zealand
USA – individual states
Wales (active soon)
but other countries will be welcome to have their own site too.

Telecare Aware News Network sites

We have developed the facility to set up sites quickly, under the domain. (See this as an example.) These are blog-type sites suitable for noting news items and providing a link to them. Items do not need to be reported in English. We would like to have 2 or 3 contributing editors per country. We will have links to each country site from the main Telecare Aware site.

What is required of Contributing Editors?

The requirements of contributing editors country sites are:

  • To scan news sources most days, looking for items to post.
  • To post a link to the news items, with a sentence or two indicating why readers might want to read it.
  • To have a sense of what is ‘newsworthy’, rather than to have writing skills.
  • To have a working knowledge of English, for communications with the TA editors.

You do NOT need:

  • Previous experience of working on a blog. Training on posting items will be given.
  • To write articles – although if you want to do that, they will be welcome!
  • To maintain the website. We will do that. It is just a matter of logging on, posting your item and logging off again.

Why become a Contributing Editor?

As a contributing editor you will:

  • Gain recognition in your country’s community and amongst TA’s wider readership.
  • Find that it is an excellent way of keeping your knowledge up to date.
  • Receive a complimentary membership of the Telecare Aware In Review site. (Subject to posting at least three items a month).
  • Be able to stop your involvement any time that your situation or interests change.

You may also find that you are offered press passes to conferences in exchange for reporting on them.

    What next?

    If you would like to volunteer to be a contributing editor for your country’s site, email Steve.

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