Telecare Aware In Review

Telecare Aware In Review is an extension to the Telecare Aware website that will help you:

    1. Save time by freeing you from having to be at the computer to keep up to date – read printouts wherever you choose
      Makes it much easier to print out important articles to share with colleagues and read on the move
    2. Reduce stress by knowing that if you are away for a while you can catch up on back articles easily
      Every little bit of de-stressing helps!
    3. Save time and data charges by enabling you to read offline on your mobile device (if you have saved your article selection as a file)
      Download important information to your mobile device and read on the move
    4. Focus on the most interesting developments with the ‘Editor’s Picks’ at the end of each month
      They bring you the best of the bunch every month helping you make better decisions for your organisation and its customers
    5. Become better informed as you discover items that you may have otherwise skipped or forgotten
      You’re less likely to miss ‘golden nuggets’ of information that could help you transform your services

    Check out the Video and the Free Demo

    After watching this video you can experience how the Telecare Aware In Review site actually works, in a demo area using just some of the news items from October 2010 only, click here.

    Purchase access to Telecare Aware In Review

    If you are unfamiliar with making payments via PayPal, please read the following:

    • PayPal accepts payments by credit or debit card. You do not need a PayPal account for the non-recurring payments.
    • For recurring monthly payments only, PayPal requires the creation of a PayPal account if you do not have one, so that it can make the regular payments for you, from your credit card.
    • Payments in currencies other than UK£ will vary with exchange rates.
    • Your payment will be made to Steve Hards (TA owner and editor).
    • Shortly after your payment you will receive a receipt from PayPal and an email from us with your username and password.
    • After purchase you will see a message saying ‘Return to Merchant’ or something similar. Click on it for further instructions.

    Full Monthly Access
    £4.95 – approximately €6.25, US$7.70

    The subscription for individuals who want to pay monthly. You get access all items for as long as you subscribe.

    20 Day Access Pass
    £9.90 – approximately €12.45, US$15.40

    The choice if you don’t want an ongoing subscription, but want to have short term access.

    One-Year Access Pass (for the cost of 10 months’ subscription)
    £49.50 – approximately €61.70, US$76.25

    Alternative to the monthly subscription or people or organisations that prefer to pay for a year in one go.

    Lifetime Access Pass: (Also available by Purchase Order)
    £179.00 – approximately €223, US$275

    A one-off payment, giving access for as long as the service continues, primarily for people in organisations that can only pay by purchase order rather than by credit card, at a cost that reflects the additional administrative work involved. For a PO purchase, email editor Steve Hards: But if you want to purchase by card, click on the button. , giving access for as long as the service continues,

    No Refunds Policy

    Unless it is a problem with the payment system, we have a ‘No Refunds’ policy. First, you have every opportunity to know what you are getting before you subscribe or purchase a pass – watch the demo video above to see if it is something for you, and to see whether the printing facility etc. works for you, try it out on demo site – and second, you could, of course, print all the posts off on the first day, and ask for a refund…!

    Questions / Comments

    Any questions or comments, post below or email Steve.

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    1. Guy Dewsbury

      the Launch
      What excellent news and what a great idea. Well done I hope it will bring lots of success.