Smart vests, ‘granny pods’ and robot friends: future living for older people

Here’s a rather odd article that was published in the UK’s Financial Times’s weekend supplement: High-tech devices to meet housing and care needs of older people. It is odd because it’s an eclectic compilation of examples of tech and a ‘granny pod’ for older people to live in (from the ‘States). As a result, the article lacks a coherent vision based on current trends for living independently with tech support. Heads-up thanks to Charles Lowe.

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  1. Kevin Doughty

    Maybe the article could have been retitled “Granny vests with smarts friends and robot pods” (or any combination of the words” – nobody would have noticed the difference. One day journalists will understand that the real world needs some fresh ideas that are made attractive by the right words. Methinks we might be a few years away from that, but would encourage someone to write an article that talks about future developments without using the word “smart”.