Six technologies for aging in place: a review

Analyst and trendspotter Laurie Orlov in Aging in Place Technology Watch reviews six new monitoring and assistive technologies designed to improve safety and independence for older adults in the home environment: for organizations, the Center for Technology and Aging (CTA)’s mHealth Toolkit [TTA 28 Sept 12]; Earl, a free voice driven iPhone & iPad newsreader app; the Lively telecare system [TTA 19 April]; the ConnectMyFolks iPad app for simple news, email, text, photos and videos; BugMe! Stickies for jotting reminder notes by ElectricPocket; and Unfrazzle to assist caregivers in task tracking and connectedness with other caregivers.

Plus: If you are looking for an underserved market in health systems and tech, it is certainly centers, facilities and individuals in dementia care. It has the paradox of being a growth market, highly profitable for senior housing–and largely bereft of care programs that do more than the minimum to help preserve the faculties of the person with dementia. This recent article by Laurie Orlov discusses a different approach linked to the Montessori Method being used at a dementia support center in Toronto. It adapts the widely used teaching method for children pioneered in 1907 to slow decline in brain function and behavior, at different stages. (Globe & Mail article)

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