Six misperceptions…or perceptions?…of telemedicine

The usually quite articulate CEO of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) needed to get “rewrite!” or call for an “editor!” before posting this article in mHIMSS. The way this reads initially, you expect six misperceptions to be cited (in bold) and refuted. Instead, each point states the corrected perception, then explains. This tends to ‘oatmeal’ his valid points, especially #3 (healthcare professionals are not the enemy–take that, Vinod Khosla!), #5 (which disposes of the ‘better mousetrap’ paradigm) and #6 (consumer expectations for payment of serious healthcare services (vs. fitness apps). No one expects CEO Linkous to be quite as er, feisty, as your Editors or as sardonic as The Gimlet Eye, but the setup carried through would have made his points far more vivid. Six misperceptions about the telemedicine market

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  1. Steve Hards, Editor

    This reminds me a bit of the Californian tourism advert that runs on UK TV. It begins “A lot of people have misconceptions about California – but none of them are really true!” Of course they are not…if they are misconceptions they are untrue by definition.

  2. Donna Cusano--Editor

    That’s called ‘creative misdirection’ and it has to be handled with care, like a souffle out of the oven. (As told to me by former cook David Ogilvy ;-)

    Actually it’s like Mr. Linkous started it one way, reworked the top, and forgot to carry it through. (The 2am Edit Syndrome) Or felt that carrying it through would be too critical and got cold feet.


    I thik the serious aspect of this is that these (miscon ~ I prefer)(misper)ceptions are what some/most/a lot of our commissioners take as Gospel. As such it hinders/hampers/ceases take up and implementation. If this is what commissioners that have ‘grown up with Telecare/health/medicine believe then how do we persuade the commissioners of tomorrow (literally tomorrow) in the CCGs that this is viable?