Situations wanted, talent needed–list with us

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”175″ /]You don’t need a crystal ball to predict….As Summer winds down, thoughts turn to new situations and to fill those gaps in staff. Your Editors would like to assist those who are seeking a new situation–and those companies which have talent vacancies–in these pages. We are accepting new listings for both under the Jobs tab above. See ‘Who’s Available’ if you are looking, and ‘Who’s Hiring’ for positions. ‘Who’s Hiring’ is free for now; ‘Who’s Available’ will always be free as a service to our readers and for the digital health community.

Since 2005, Telehealth & Telecare Aware readers have been the most experienced and talented industry professionals in the UK, US, Europe and Australia. To reach them, you should be posting here. (And advertising–but that’s another story!)

Updated: We have two people now in ‘Available‘–a project manager with deep remote monitoring expertjse in UK and a Spanish industrial engineer with ‘silver market’ experience. No positions yet in ‘Hiring’–a missed opportunity. What company will be the first to correct this? For now, both types of listings are free.

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