Simplifying engagement in diabetes management

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”180″ /]Launched at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF 2014 was a new wireless glucometer, Livongo Health’s InTouch. A M2M palm-sized cellular glucometer, it transmits not only conventional blood glucose readings from test strips, but also activity information (steps) and how you’re feeling. The user also sets it up for who looks at the data and what they see. Data goes to what they term a ‘smart cloud’ (a/k/a data platform) which reviews it based on clinical rules and accumulated personal health history. It is also backed by a virtual care team of certified diabetes educators. Founder Glen Tullman, who was quoted extensively in our well-read Patients should be less engaged, not more, has an FDA clearance in hand, $10 million in funding from General Catalyst in addition to his own 7wire Ventures funding, and “thousands of orders from places like Healthcare Partners and Office Depot, and self-insured employers.” At first glance, it appears as if it achieves the founder’s intention of making diabetes management, as a first step, a bit simpler and for people to “simply to live their lives, not their problems.” However it does not appear that it will be available direct to consumers. TechCrunch article, panel interview, video. Mobihealthnews.

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