Short Tuesday takes

Alere, Optum, Wyss, Proteus, Soreon Research, Baywater Healthcare

Alere Health to be acquired by Optum. Alere is selling its condition, wellness and case management group for $600 million to the health services subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. The surprise is that Alere Health, which presently serves 22 million patients in 29 states, includes two service lines considered hot: analytics and connected health. Alere Connect, the former MedApps, is included in this sale. Alere (the parent company) will be concentrating on rapid diagnostics. Alere Health release, fact sheet….Vibrating insoles may help to guide the balance-impaired, eventually. Research on stochastic resonance as an aid to balance and gait has been researched for nearly ten years–our earliest article on it was written by former EIC Steve in 2006. The current study tested ‘white noise’ to help lower the level of buzzing needed to generate stimulus in the feet. Conducted by the Institute for Aging Research (IFAR) at Hebrew SeniorLife, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, and Merck Sharpe and Dohme (MSD) Consumer Care. Published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Gizmag….Proteus Digital Health goes beyond the ‘tattletale pills’ into fitness (what else?) monitoring. Proteus Recover uses a sticky patch minus the pill to transmit recovery data, sleep, heart rate and energy expenditure, plus athlete feedback, via smartphone. The patches were developed with some of the $291 million raised through July’s $52 million Series G.  No pricing or ordering available. Website, Mobihealthnews….If you need one more thick study on mHealth wearables, Switzerland’s Soreon Research projects an eye-watering change from today’s $2 billion to $41 billion by 2020. Diabetes, sleep disorders, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are the biggest growth segments, so to speak. More information on “Smart Wearable Healthcare 2014″ is available here. The 204 page report will set you back €2,950. Release, FierceMobileHealthcare….Baywater Healthcare has appointed Diane Gray as Commercial Director. Baywater is an independent provider of home care services to NHS patients living with long term conditions. (Link to come)

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