Short takes: Holmes legal team appealing Tuesday 11 June; Steward Health asset sale OK’d, needs funding; fundings for Sword Health, Eko Health

Elizabeth Holmes may be in Bryan, Texas serving time, but the appeals go on. Her legal team will appear before the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit at 9am next Tuesday 11 June. Her initial appeal was filed in December 2022 [TTA 15 Dec 2022] with full 132-page legal briefs in April 2023 [TTA 19 Apr 2023].

Holmes’ team is seeking a complete overturn of the trial and verdict. The appeals center on an unjust conviction based on prosecutorial misrepresentations, such as Holmes being told that the Theranos technology worked and thus not misrepresenting it to investors at that time, and actions by Judge Edward Davila in the presentation of evidence in including evidence favorable to the prosecution and not including defense-favorable evidence. The appeal also includes, according to earlier reports, an accusation that Judge Edward Davila used the wrong legal standard in sentencing Ms. Holmes and thus over-sentenced her. Holmes will not be present for the appeal as is customary.

Her 11 year sentence is currently, based on Bureau of Prisons standards for good behavior, cut down to about 9 years. Her chances are slim that the appeal will succeed, based on overall rates, Judge Davila’s reputation for thoroughness, and his presiding over two identical cases, the other for ‘Sunny’ Balwani with the same evidence and a similar but longer sentence. There is no public word on whether Mr. Balwani is also appealing. He is serving his time at Terminal Island, California. Mercury News  Our back file on Theranos is best accessed through TTA’s search tab, keyword Theranos or Holmes.

Another fine legal mess is unfolding in Texas with the US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Texas, hearings on Steward Health’s dissolution.

  • On Monday 3 June, Judge Christopher Lopez approved a two part plan for the asset sale. Part 1 would be about the Massachusetts assets, with most of the system’s hospitals (eight) and its physician group. Bid deadline is 24 June and the first sale hearing is timed for 11 July. Massachusetts is the most contentious of the states Steward operated in, with state regulators taking the most actions against the company. Part 2 is the Florida and Texas asset sale, timed for a bid deadline of 12 August and first sale hearing of 22 August.
  • The US Department of Justice filed an objection 30 May to the sale, stating that it does not allow enough time for their regulatory review of the physician group sale to UnitedHealth Group’s Optum [TTA 18 Apr] and insisting that it must be reviewed before any sale. This effectively holds up the Part 1 sale. FierceHealthcare
  • The other spanner in the works for the DOJ is that Steward is flat out of money to run their hospital and practice assets. Without additional funds, on 14 June they will be broke, busted, skint by two Fridays from now. Steward’s lenders were before Judge Lopez yesterday (4 June) to try working that out. Current debtor-in-possession (DIP) Medical Properties Trust, which put up $75 million, won’t put up any more money until assets are sold. Other lenders want to put up only limited amounts of money. To lure lenders, Judge Lopez approved an emergency motion on Monday to permit a “commitment fee” offer of up to $6.75 million to third-party lenders and up to $750,000 to reimburse one or more lenders for expenses incurred during due diligence. Healthcare Dive. Will that attract another DIP? Only time, and not a lot of it, will tell.

In happier news, there are fundings for two health tech companies:

  • Sword Health announced a $130 million round in an unlabeled mix of primary and secondary sale. Their total funding is now $340 million, with lead from Khosla Ventures. Valuation is up to $3 billion, up 50% from its Series D valuation. The funding announcement was made in conjunction with a product announcement by the digital/remote MSK therapy company for Phoenix, the AI Care Specialist, which will be integrated across their entire offerings. Release
  • Eko Health’s Series D raised $41 million from ARTIS Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, NTTVC, and Questa Capital. Eko’s device and platform enhance the early detection of cardiac and pulmonary diseases during physical exams. Most recently, the FDA cleared Eko’s Low EF detection AI [TTA 5 Apr]. The new funding will be used for US expansion and expansion into key international markets, supported by new strategic investments from Double Point Ventures in the U.S., Singapore-based global investor EDBI (the corporate investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board), and LG Technology Ventures, backed by the LG Group of South Korea. Cardiac detection powered by AI are ‘perfect together’, at least for investors. Release, Axios
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