Shoes that direct you where to go (India)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]The LeChal casual shoe and insoles are wearables which relate to a ‘job to be done’–guiding you to your destination–as well as using an Android app and Bluetooth transceiver to record steps taken, distance and approximate calories burned. The app uses Google Maps to guide your feet by haptics: the left shoe vibrates when the wearer is supposed to go left and right when the direction is right. Ducere Technologies in Telangana, India originally conceived it for the visually impaired but it is equally useful for the cognitively impaired or the directionally challenged. (Too bad it can’t be used in a car!) The original casual shoe (water resistant, anti-bacterial) is in a hot red and is expected to retail for $150. It also uses a charger that gives you audio feedback on the process. Both are available for preorder through the LeChal website. Nuviun, Fast Company

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