Update on Shimmer – with video (Ireland)

It’s a year since we flagged up the Shimmer wearable sensors [TA 29 Jan 2010] and now we learn that research is being conducted at the Technology Research for Independent Living (TRIL) Centre on them for monitoring high-intensity exercise. Shimmer was originally developed by Intel Research Labs in 2006 and Shimmer Research was established in 2008 following a worldwide licensing agreement.
Shimmer Provides Real-Time Feedback for Intense Physical Exercise Programme.

Is it just me (Ed. Steve), or does anyone else find that phrases like “Kinematic, Bio-Physical, and Ambient modules – paving the way for the next big wave in computing” get in the way of understanding what may be a significant technology? “Better than the Wii Fit” Dr David McKeown says in the video.

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