Sense+ turns a smartphone dock into a potential life-saver

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]This seems such a neat solution to a portable smoke and carbon monoxide detection system, linked to alerts, that one wonders why a telecare device manufacturer did not come up with it. Sense+ turns a smartphone dock into a potential life-saver Gizmag.

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  1. Check out the mobile connected smoke alarm from Firetext which appears to have several benefits over this device:

    Because it doesn’t need a smartphone to be plugged in it doesn’t require the resident to have a smartphone, it’ll work the other 20 hours of the day you’re not charging your mobile, it’ll work if you forgot to plug your phone in, it will still work in the event of a power cut, etc, etc.

  2. I welcome all telecare innovations, especially when they can work without the need for expensive infrastructure. However it is just perhaps worth pointing out that there is a good reason why smoke and CO detectors are usually put on the ceiling – that’s where smoke tends to go to first, and CO, being lighter than air, concentrates more – another reason why David’s earlier comment is very valid.