Video: Secure TeleHealth Physical-Behavioral Collaboration

8 minutes

Good YouTube videos are hard to make. They should be informative, good-natured and, if not out-and-out funny, unintentionally amusing. This one, by Pittsburgh-based Secure Telehealth hits the spot.

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  1. David Doherty

    What an unusual way to record blood pressure…

    Isn’t in interesting how monitoring the video call also let’s us monitor the people doing the monitoring?

    [Perhaps that’s what the site in the paranoia item meant by “we must be careful to monitor it as closely as it will be monitoring us”! Steve]

  2. Donna Cusano--Editor

    Childlike talk by caregivers

    This video is funny but also rather sad–here’s an elderly woman who is afraid to leave the house and on Zoloft, which means she’s depressed. One can’t help but notice that she’s also a little childlike.  Worse, the two caregivers speak to her like she’s a (naughty?) child. (What came first?) Even if the elderly woman is an actress, the staff ought to know better. She is an adult and deserves to be addressed as such and with respect.

    The tendency of caregivers in general to speak to (not with) older adults who are patients or assisted living residents as if they were not-too-bright children or even babies has been much deplored, deservedly so, in various caregiving forums. (Having experienced this with my mom when she was in rehab, it also hits a nerve.)  It also says something to me about Secure Telehealth that they couldn’t see this condescension reflected in the video.