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Oracle’s Big Healthcare Transformation: it’s all about ‘better information’ (sigh) (updated)

...for cancer patients in treatment. Gathering, anonymizing, and securing the data are the main challenges, plus those above Big Visions don’t thrill us the way they used to because other than the newest among us, the new Big Promises sound all too familiar. It’s not that long ago that first EHRs, then health information exchanges were supposed to be the clearinghouses to make information interoperable. 21st Century Cures, which allowed members/patients to obtain their health information from payers and providers to the individual, was supposed to fix that portability gap in its next phase. The government also has its own... Continue Reading

Legrand’s new global brand: Legrand Care

...CEO Chris Dodd in the release. The new division will specialize in the innovative development of connected solutions for the health and social care sector, for home, group living, nursing home, and hospital markets. From the website, NOVO Go is their newest product to be introduced shortly, a mobile-connected wrist-worn or pendant form with geo-locating and reminder capabilities. Legrand has businesses in 90 countries with revenue of €6.1 billion in 2020. In announced management alignments, Arturo Pérez Kramer is now Deputy CEO from his prior position of CEO of Neat, and Caroline Mouminoux will be Sales Director of Legrand Care... Continue Reading

Legrand launches care home support fund, adds to hospital staff and caregiver support initiatives

...was converted for treatment of coronavirus patients and equipped with the Group’s uninterruptible power supplies. Legrand’s newest initiative, announced today, is the establishment of a ‘solidarity fund’ dedicated to care and nursing for the elderly. This fund will provide tangible support to staff who work in specialized facilities such as care and nursing homes. The fund will be administered through the Legrand Foundation, created in 2014 to combat “exclusion related to a loss of independence and electrical poverty, and promoting education and employment in the electrical sector.” An example of tangible support is to finance staff hotel accommodations near their... Continue Reading

100% increase in physician telehealth and virtual care usage in three years: AMA study

The American Medical Association’s newest physician survey has a lot of good news for those of us in healthcare tech. It found greater across-the-board physician adoption of digital tools, whether virtual consults, patient visits, adoption of patient portals, workflow enhancements, or clinical decision support. While current usage was greatest for other tools, the greatest increases were virtual visits via telemedicine, doubling from 14 percent to 28 percent, and remote monitoring for improved care from 13 percent to 22 percent of the over 1,300 physicians surveyed in both years. AMA last surveyed physicians on their digital health adoption in 2016. Both... Continue Reading

The CES circus opens its largest tent yet in health tech, AI, 5G, and more

...SmartSleep system adds the SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband 2 to actively improve deep sleep with features such as Fall Asleep Sounds, SmartAlarm, and the SleepMapper app. Release OMRON is adding to its heart monitoring services with HeartGuide, the first wearable blood pressure monitor, and Complete, the first wearable that combines a blood pressure monitor and EKG. The company is also launching this summer a heart health coaching and incentive app, OMRON Connect 2.0, that states it changes behavior, combining its two existing apps HeartAdvisor and OMRON Connect. Release Withings’ newest is the ScanWatch which will be able to take an... Continue Reading

Events: UK Telehealthcare’s autumn and 2018 MarketPlaces, UK Health Show

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Our long-time supporter UK Telehealthcare has several upcoming MarketPlaces on their events page here–a quick guide below for putting on your calendar: 4 October – London MarketPlace, Barnet and Southgate College, Southgate Campus, High St. London N14 6BS. 10am to 3pm Speakers include David Byrne – Principal and Chief Executive at Barnet and Southgate College Alev Cazimoglu – Labour Cllr For Jubilee Ward, Enfield Council – Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care Doug Wilson – Head of Strategy & Service Development, Health, Housing and Adult Social Care BSC is London’s newest centre of excellence for... Continue Reading

LifeinaBox: portable refrigeration and monitoring for heat sensitive meds

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /]On this year’s trend–that the companies which look freshest and newest solve specific but important problems–is the debut later this year of LifeinaBox. It is a portable refrigerator/app combo for those who must travel with their medication at a stable, cool temperature, generally between 36 and 46°F (2 and 8°C). According to CEO Uwe Diegel to this Editor, “There are about 3% of the population that are prisoners of their medication.” In France alone (where the company is), 1,5 million people are dependent on temperature-stable medication. The idea came from a critical situation experienced by his brother... Continue Reading

The Accelerated Access Review – a personal journey

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /]The Accelerated Access Review (AAR) aims to speed up access by NHS patients to innovative medicines, medtech and diagnostics, and digital health. Of these, digital health is the newest, and because it enables care to be delivered in a far more efficient and patient-centric way, offers great hope for the future of improved patient outcomes and controlled costs. As someone outside government who was drawn into the digital health stream of the AAR, this blog aims to capture key learnings from the experience. Challenges The initial list of obstacles to innovation in the NHS was depressingly long,... Continue Reading

‘Neuroprosthetic’ in development to ‘Restore Active Memory’ for PTSD, TBI

...received grants up to $22 million over four years for research on an implantable neuroprosthetic. UCLA’s approach is to focus on the entorhinal area of the brain which researchers previously demonstrated could be stimulated and with the hippocampus is involved in learning and memory. Initial research is testing brain electrodes for epilepsy and to develop a computational model of the hippocampal-entorhinal system. Medtronic is using those models and as the newest partner, evaluating a novel neural stimulation and monitoring system to restore brain memory function. A true neuroprosthetic–consider an assistance chip on or near the brain–is years away. In the... Continue Reading

‘Brain Games’ on preventing, diagnosing sub-concussive brain trauma

...have restricted the amount of full-contact practices both during and pre-season (Forbes); California and Arizona also adopted similar rules (NPR) with Illinois the latest in April (Breitbart). Dr. Stern’s newest research is not yet published, but he shared two preliminary findings and overall status with this audience of clinicians, academics, attorneys, investors: Football players who started in the game before the age of 12 had three times the likelihood of self-reported executive function problems: changes in mood, behavior, cognition. CTE has been found in a developmentally disabled person who is a repetitive head banger. Among soldiers, blast trauma in combat... Continue Reading