Safety, fast (US)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]What, no OnStar? Plug Splitsecnd into the cigarette lighter (or utility outlet) of your MG, 1938 Buick or 2013 VW Beetle, and if you have a serious collision, the M2M back end uploads the car’s location, alerts a response call center and establishes two-way voice contact. Have a problem–health or otherwise–in the car? Push the ‘help’ button and get in touch. Is your daughter reenacting ‘Corvette Summer’? The Family Finder feature maps her location online or on smartphone. Available in US only, $199 with $14.99 monthly fee, online sales only at present. The two developers started working on Splitsecnd while at Vanderbilt University, and the company accelerated at Nashville’s JumpStart Foundry. Splitsecnd calls for help when you can’t in a car crash (VentureBeat)

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