Running Wild: hacking now 98% of healthcare data breaches

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”200″ /]This recent study from Silicon Valley-based Bitglass security neatly notes that practically all healthcare data breaches–56 incidents and 111 million records last year–were due to hacking. Only in 2014, 68 percent were due to lost laptops and devices (58 percent calculated in JAMA, TTA 21 Apr 15) in 31 incidents. This corresponds to the Verizon finding of the risk level present in healthcare IT wherever health information is resident [TTA 10 Nov 15]. Certainly the huge breaches of 2015 (Anthem, Premera Blue Cross, Excellus Blue Cross, CareFirst) set the pace, but according to the Health IT Security article, even if the top six breaches were excluded, hacking would still be #1. Hat tip to Dr Stuart Hochron of PracticeUnite via LinkedIn.

Related: the full Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) for 2015 is available here

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