Report: Telecare and Telehealth – a game changer for health and social care (UK)

Despite the title (we dislike the ‘game changer’ cliché) and the trendy infographics there are some good things about this free 36-page report produced by Deloitte. For example, their use of the terms telecare and telehealth are clearly defined early on – something many forget to do. The early parts are stuffed full of figures and projections, which may be useful. It is descriptive of the current situation in the UK and does not miss some of subtler aspects, such as the different approaches to telehealth that the four nations of the UK have taken. Parts 3 and 4 move on to describe the challenges to the adoption of telecare and telehealth and presents numerous case examples demonstrating the potential benefits.

In all, because the principal author, Karen Taylor, has pulled together and structured so much information it is a great resource that many people putting together business cases will plunder. However, it seems to this editor (Steve) that it lacks an audience and it lacks the bite of the HaCIRIC report featured earlier this week.

Download the report from the Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions web page Telecare and Telehealth.

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