Reassure no more: Telecare24 has ditched ReAssure24 (UK)

‘We call you’ services are those where people have to respond to a daily phone call. This may be from an automated system or even from a person, as still happens in some small communities. The idea is that the call provides reassurance.

However, some industry observers are concerned that such systems have inherent problems. These lie not in the technology, but in the frequency of response failures. The discontinuation of the ReAssure24 service in the UK appears to bear out this concern.

Unfortunately, Cardiff-based Telecare24 (tagline ‘The UK’s Leading Careline Service’) has not responded to TTA’s requests for more information.

We are therefore unable to confirm whether it just didn’t work or whether there was some other reason they pulled the plug. As we reported in November 2012 (original ReAssure24 item) they were very enthusiastic about their new service so it would be fascinating to know what caused them to change their mind. We do not even know how for long the service actually ran, the website disappeared sometime after May 2014.

Heads-up thanks to an annoyed ReAssure24 ex-customer who contacted us.

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  1. HealthComms and TyneTec are taking a different approach by providing a module within MyHomeReach whereby the person living independently is asked to respond to prompts “I’m Ok” during their day. All responses are recorded with exceptions (no response) highlighted.