Predictions for 2013, #2

crystal-ballThe Gimlet Eye sees…affective health. Using physical data for monitoring mood has a lure to it that in stressful times says ‘consumer acceptance’ — and there’s always PTSD. Both Boston-based MIT spinoff startup Neumitra and MIT Media Lab spinoff Affectiva [TA 2 July] measure the sympathetic nervous system for leading indicators of mood, such as perspiration, motion and increased temperature, processing the data through algorithms as leading indicators of possible anxiety and sending it to a platform via smartphone. Neumitra is currently being tested at Massachusetts General Hospital to gain better information on anxiety disorder triggers. Although the Technology Review article states that both are ‘experimental,’ Affectiva will be at next month’s CES Eureka Park for early-stage/startup companies.

The Eye sees…gesture control. This ReadWrite article predicts that Leap Motion will be the must-have gizmo of 2013. For $70

leap motion

(to ship early 2013), you will be able to control your desktop, laptop and maybe even tablets (with USB connectivity) through hand and figure movements. Potential in healthcare could be immense: robotic surgery, rehabilitation, ability assessment, remote monitoring and socialization. Video (1:12) which only sells the ‘whiz-bang’ aspects.

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