Peak flow in your pocket: Smart Peak Flow meter/app gets Kickstarted (UK)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]A UK-based startup, Smart Respiratory Products, has successfully Kickstarted its smartphone/tablet-based peak flow meter and app with a total pledge to date of £11,322 (just over $14,000). Targeted to asthmatics, the meter plugs into the 3.5 mm audio jack (left). Like a standard peak flow meter, the user blows into the Smart Peak Flow meter, and the measurement is sent to the app, available through the Apple Store and Google Play. The measurement must be taken in a well-lit area, as the ambient light is chopped up by a photo sensor at the bottom as the patient’s forceful breath passes through a fan. The flashing signal goes into the microphone as a sound file.

The app measures the force of breath and charts it. It also engages the user through challenges, “personal bests” and winning streaks. There are also virtual badges awarded and snappy ‘earned quotes’. Those who take the ’90 Day Challenge’ of daily use receive an inhaler monitor, a cap that transmits to the phone when the inhaler is used.

Smart does not mention other respiratory uses for the peak flow meter, such as COPD.

According to MedCityNews, the company plans to complete its 510(k) and CE Mark applications by mid-2017. They will ship IFU prototypes to its Kickstarter supporters in February. The pricing on Kickstarter for the device is £10 with deluxe versions starting at £16. MedCityNews also noted that Sparo Labs’ Wing, which we profiled in November 2015, gained its FDA clearance in June but is at a $129 price. Founder Thomas Antalffy of Smart:  “I have spoken to pharmaceutical companies, and the dream for me would be to include Smart Peak Flow or the smart inhaler with every box of inhalers people buy.” At his prices, it might be possible.

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