Patient monitor Intuitive Health raises $3.8 million

A capital way to start 2013. According to the Dallas Morning News and an SEC filing, Texas-based Intuitive Health, which this past year was in pilot with AT&T and Texas Health Resources, obviously made their case to (undisclosed) investors with a raise of $3.8 million in an equity offering at end of 2012. The Intuitive Health system uses AT&T connectivity to send patient telehealth information to providers; AT&T touted Intuitive in their 2013 predictions [TA 6 Dec]. The Texas Health Resources pilot from April 2011 to August 2012 reduced chronic heart failure readmissions by 27%. One hopes that they use part of that $3.8 million to develop their website beyond a single page with a crawl at the page bottom. MedCityNews

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