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Something for (almost) everyone – a digital health gallymaufry

...announcing that they are partnering with Babylon to bring “the latest digital technology to some of <their> customers”. They go on to say that “the deal will see the roll-out of an innovative virtual health service, the Babylon app, to some of Aviva’s UK customers starting with key corporate healthcare clients. Through Babylon, customers will have quick and convenient access to family GPs, specialist consultants, and state of the art health monitoring and treatment.” At last, here is some evidence that business models are being changed as a result of remote consultation! If your company is less than five years... Continue Reading

Looking back over Telehealth & Telecare Aware’s predictions for 2014

...the involvement of well-funded organisations…and they may not be free to users, either. The fifth was: 2014 will be the year when remote consultation between patients and doctors becomes accepted practice. Job done: definitely a winner here – the list of such services now available on a private basis includes Dr Mortons, Babylon and of course the 3G Doctor in the UK/Eire, and the likes of American Well, Doctor on Demand (and many others) in the US. NHS patients can now also consult remotely, notably if their practice is part of the large London Hurley Group. In the US the... Continue Reading

The King’s Fund videos, presentations online

The King’s Fund has posted video highlights from last month’s International Digital Health and Care Congress. Talks include those from futurist Ray Hammond, Kathleen Hammond (US Department of Veterans Affairs), Dr Ali Parsa (Babylon), Paul Rice (NHS England) and Sian Jones (NHS Bristol). Click on the tabs at top for presentation decks and posters. TTA was a media partner of the Congress. Hat tip to Mike Clark via Twitter (@clarkmike).... Continue Reading

A trio of September meetings

...remaining WSD papers that, if I heard right, are still being peer-reviewed prior to publication. In the plenary sessions, Ali Parsa gave another outstanding & entertaining presentation on Babylon, and in the breakout session I chaired, both Rowan Pritchard-Jones (Mersey Burns & other apps) and Tim Knowles (Imperial) gave fascinating presentations. The day ended with an excellent presentation by Ray Hammond, a futurologist, who suggested that there were five major forces that would affect healthcare in the next 15 years: Genomics/DNA profiling – resulting in much more personal medicine, and individual treatments for diseases involving DNA damage; Stem cell –... Continue Reading

Wearables and Simple Telehealth – another step forward?

...increasingly available electronically, and the next generation of smartphones expected to incorporate full vital signs measurement in the device (with scales as the only peripheral), surely remote patient monitoring by Florence (or a Florence-like service) is going to become far cheaper and easier than for the telehealth platforms of yore? Allied say to an NHS version of a platform like Babylon (or a paid version added to a platform like Babylon) takes us a further step towards a benign version of iDoc. No wonder Phil is being wooed by, among others, the Dept. of Veteran Affairs (VA) in the US.... Continue Reading

Babylon app for booking GP visits debuts (UK)

Making news out of Tuesday’s Wired Health UK 2014 at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in London is Babylon. From the app (iPhone, Android), appointments with a GP or specialist can be booked 12 hours a day, six days a week, with one of the almost 100 part time salaried and on call doctors in Babylon’s system or a BUPA (private healthcare/insurance system) physician. Also bookable through the app are diagnostic kits and blood tests; X-rays or scans would be at a partner facility. Have a question or want to check your symptoms? The app directs your text... Continue Reading