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Concussion monitoring in test in NY high school (US)

Following our coverage of CTE and mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) at the GCRI presentation last week, a small-town football team is one of the first to pilot, albeit for three days, a new concussion detection technology developed by i1Biometrics. The Middletown, NY high school tested their Impact Sensing Mouth Guard that measures hits to better assess the likelihood of cumulative blows and outright head injuries. The mouth guards recognize cheek tissue for activation, and function as a standard mouth guard plus accelerometer and gyroscope to detect the hard-to-determine rotational acceleration. Data is then transmitted wirelessly to a monitoring station... Continue Reading

HealthSpot, Netsmart ally for telemedicine kiosks

HealthSpot, which debuted its staffed telemedicine/telehealth Stations at CES 2013 (and this Editor previewed at CES New York in November), is partnering with behavioral health EHR/practice/clinical case management software provider Netsmart to add that capability to its kiosk consults. Announced at ATA yesterday, the MedCityNews article is sketchy on exactly how this will be integrated–will it be an option or will select kiosks be dedicated to behavioral health only–but this is likely a first for telementalhealth (another term in our lexicon!) Kiosk placements can be especially useful in rural areas which have a paucity of mental health/psychiatric providers (see TTA... Continue Reading

Two major telehealth and telecare programmes officially launched in Scotland

Two major Telehealth and Telecare programmes worth £2.8 million were officially launched yesterday by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Alex Neil MSP when he visited a local monitoring station within East Ayrshire Council. The Minister heard via video link from a patient who told the minister how the technology has made a difference to how she has been able to manage her COPD. More info: East Ayrshire pioneers new digital health system Cumnock Chronicle.... Continue Reading

Smart pill bottles 2.0

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]Back in 2009, this Editor was wowed by pill container-reminder Vitality GlowCaps, and has been cheered by its recent developments in developing a reminder pouch for non-pill medications. Now NYC-based startup AdhereTech adds to the med reminder picture through a specially designed compact bottle for pills or liquids that not only has lights, speakers and a built-in 45-day-long battery, but also is fully M2M–each bottle connects from anywhere via cellular 3G and LTE with no base station required. Thus the containers can be used by those ‘on the go’. Sensors in the containers also measure humidity and... Continue Reading

Your weekend outrage: Indian government plans ‘alert device’ to stem crime

...just in case: Do not try this at home![/b] The 'ring' finger on each hand is very vulnerable if you can quickly grab and pull it upwards (ie towards the back of their hand). You do not need to keep holding the finger so you quickly move yourself to a safe distance and avoid a counter attack. There are others ... ask at your local police station for any training that may be available to community groups. That said even these are of limited value in a culture where the victims do not believe they can stand up to oppression.... Continue Reading

Telehealth on the e-commerce model

...a few such as the adopters of American Well, and of course the VA) have not included or downplayed online visits in their benefits, perhaps fearing a spike in utilization as Dr. Williams mentions. But the good doctor misses a key factor–that this is not a one-way street, and that the consumer demand hasn’t materialized, despite the additional parallels of saving time and travel, which is why his argument seems to be a ‘past tense’ one. Perhaps virtual visits need to be taken outside payers into a concierge care, worksite, pharmacy clinic (enabled through a kiosk such as HealthSpot Station)... Continue Reading

Thin watch, big potential

The Central Standard Timing ‘e-ink’ watch will, when it goes into production, be the world’s thinnest watch at 0.80mm and wholly assembled in USA (take that, Switzerland). Its high visibility, basic colors and stainless steel band (in three preliminary sizes) makes it cool–and ‘Mick and Tina’ cool (when costs go down from the current projected $170) for the older adult or vision impaired market. It’s always on and charged/adjusted at the base station. What would be interesting if this technology, or the watch itself, eventually incorporates things like fall detection or pulse monitoring. PSFK article. CST Kickstarter page (where it... Continue Reading

‘The pileup of things’: CES highlights

...labeled. No panel/presentation/keynote interviews yet but here’s another brace of DHS videos. The Wall Street Journal in its CES 2013 ‘Gadgets to look for’ has a video on Scanadu (at 0:37) and in its Thursday highlights, Samsung’s flexible phone/tablet screen (at 1:02)–the WOW of the day. The HealthSpot Station telemedicine/telehealth walk-in kiosk, which we previewed at CES New York, officially debuted (release) with a kiosk display on the floor, and also announced its partnership with Miami Children’s Hospital on a proposed multi-part project (release). The telemedicine consult portion will be provided by Teladoc (Teladoc release). ADT Pulse, the home automation... Continue Reading

The ATA 2011 virtual conference report

...Health Station, with a blood pressure cuff, weight scale and printer. It is then connected by MedApps’ CloudCare platform and stored to a SmartCard ID or to the patient’s EHR. Release. Booth #1317. Lifecomm–the partnership between Hughes Telematics, Qualcomm and AMAC–just published a study on ‘critical design factors for MPERS’. Older adults want a wearable device that does not ‘stigmatize’ them and integrates into their lives. Release. Booth #1532 (with AMAC) Diabetes monitoring continues to add systems: PositiveID will be demonstrating their iglucose mobile health solution for diabetes management. The device (not yet FDA-approved) wirelessly connects glucometer readings to their... Continue Reading