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Ford and WellDoc give a new meaning to mobile health (US)

As a postscript to yesterday’s post on mHealth apps, WellDoc Health have introduced BlueStar, a prescription-only, reimbursable app that majors on encouraging improved self-care by those with type II diabetes. Apart from being the first prescription-only app in the US, it is apparently also downloadable directly into a car (Ford). Editor Donna comments 29 August: Aside from WellDoc being the only mHealthy company I can think of located in Baltimore, MD (for our ex-US readers, a city perched uneasily between Washington and Philadelphia), wasn’t the idea (or one of the ideas) originally behind Happtique a process to certify health apps,... Continue Reading

The ‘Wild West’ of 40,000 mobile apps

Following up on our 11 June article that took a stern, fingerwagging view of these 40,000 unvetted apps out there on the prairie, MedCityNews looks at them and finds good news. Healthy lifestyle helper apps plus a health coach can produce positive results–and we’ve covered those like AliveCor and WellDoc which turn a smartphone into a medical device and are regulated by the FDA. The problem remains that there’s no vetting of apps of either type to confirm for the user that they are effective. Happtique is still cited as a app curator for consumers and doctors, when by all... Continue Reading

Device vs. Device: a mobile health faceoff

...(FDA cleared) to estimate surgical blood loss vs. BurnMedPro by Johns Hopkins Mobile Medicine Welch Allyn iExaminer Adapter and app that connects to Ophthalmoscope (FDA cleared) vs HemaGo by NovoNordisk MobiUS SP1 System by MobiSante, ultrasound imaging system (FDA cleared) vs. DoctorMole app by Mark Shippen iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor companion app by iHealth Lab Inc (FDA cleared) vs. iBlueButton by Humetrix Mobile Mim by Mim Software (FDA cleared) for image sharing vs Smartphone Breathalyzer by Breathometer Diabetes Manager by WellDoc (FDA cleared) vs iTriage by Healthagen AirStrip ONE by AirStrip Technologies (FDA cleared) vs Lab Counter by ZappyLab... Continue Reading

Rock Health’s guide to FDA for the health tech entrepreneur (US)

...what class your device falls into (I, II, III) and what you need to do to gain approval. It also clearly defines the substantial difference between 510(k) premarket submission and the far more complicated PMA premarket approval–and the fact that after approval, FDA will forever be in your life. It also notes that other approvals such as FCC may be required and many other tips on how to make the process easier and less garment-rending for your organization. Features comments from Chris Bergstrom of WellDoc and Geoff Clapp, who co-founded Health Hero which is now Bosch Health Buddy. SlideShare link... Continue Reading

Health 2.0 NYC: Healthcare Kickstarter

...that for providers, ‘improving outcomes’ is not that desirable of a benefit (!). For payers, it is a big plus (e.g. WellDoc’s Diabetes Manager) (Monson) The changes in healthcare delivery are slow in coming 3) Opportunities-and not There is an opportunity to build a model for integrated health (Monson) A favorable model would concentrate on data and software, have a recurring revenue model and show distinct signs of acceleration (Pietri) Delivering a lower cost model Not favored-media businesses, EHRs (all) Video on Livestream, multiple clips (wait a bit to get the videos to play after the interminable commercials) Many thanks... Continue Reading

Connected Health Symposium Wed 21 Oct 2009

...Anand Iyer, CEO of WellDoc, Rajeev Kapoor, Jorge Perdomo of Generation One and Dr. Robert Schwartzberg of Sensei. Most of the discussion extended Mr. Kapoor’s remarks, concentrating on how wireless capabilities can ‘raise the bar’ on outcomes, ease of use and interactivity. I’ll report more on this later [see just below] …must run to join Remote Monitoring in 2014. Wed 21 October: morning (continued) Continuing with this breakout, Wireless Tech and Patient Self-Management, the panelists looked at the business model for wireless in patient self-management from several perspectives: have payors (insurance companies, self-insured employers) reimburse, justified by economic savings (in... Continue Reading