Nottingham telehealth monitoring (UK)

Nottingham PCT aims to monitor around 800 people each year with long-term conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure, using Tunstall equipment. Press release.

[Comment: This is the third press release in recent times to headline the word ‘mainstreaming’ in the context of a deployment that is bigger than the usual pilot study. Is ‘mainstream’ now becoming redefined to mean ‘large scale pilot’? Surely something isn’t mainstream until it is routinely offered to everyone who could benefit from it? I’ve flagged this item for the ‘Terminology’ category because perhaps the meaning of ‘mainstream’ should be part of the terminology debate.]

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  1. Some companies like to make us believe that ‘small pilots’ are in fact ‘big pilots’ through deliberately misleading and confusing statements.

    e.g. 800 patients could mean that only 40 monitors have been purchased and rotated every 90 days over 5 years through the LTC population – this is hardly ‘mainstreaming’