Nokia’s second act to spotlight healthcare?

Building its way towards a comeback is Nokia, once a global power in mobile phones and now, after selling its handset business to Microsoft two years ago, strictly (and profitably) in telecom networking equipment–for the time being. In April there was the €15.6 bn Alcatel-Lucent acquisition which includes famous research powerhouse Bell Labs; in January it launched the N1 Android tablet in China and days ago a “virtual-reality camera”. It also will license its name to other mobile phone makers when their non-compete expires in 2016. The real value of Nokia rests in its IP and worldwide patents which can be used in multiple areas. Since 2012 it also staked a claim in healthcare with the Nokia Sensing XChallenge for innovation in remote health monitoring. Mentioned but briefly in the Reuters article is that their technologies division is working on health-related projects. Deliberately staying below the radar? Hat tip to David Doherty (@mHealthInsight) via Twitter to remind this Editor of Nokia’s health ‘chops’. 

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