News roundup #2: sells remaining customers to 98point6; Netsmart EHR up for $5B possible sale; Caregility intros two new telehealth systems

More from JP Morgan’s Healthcare Conference (JPM), CES, and after:’s remaining assets sold to 98point6. Now stay with your Editor as we sort through this. was sold, we thought, to Cigna’s Evernorth MDLIVE telehealth unit last October, announcing at HLTH that MDLIVE would add’s asynchronous telehealth technology to their platform. Evidently, had other assets not included in that sale, namely the right to service 17 asynchronous telehealth provider customers such as Baptist Health and UAB Medicine. Those customers have been purchased by 98point6, a company that last year transitioned out of direct care into being a licensor of real-time and asynchronous telehealth, plus other software for clinical decision support and EMR integration.

98point6 pivoted last March by selling their physician group, self-insured employer business, and an irrevocable software license to Transcarent, in a deal worth potentially $100 million. What they bought from can only be interpreted as those 17 customers were not obliged to go with MDLIVE in that earlier transaction. Those 17 customers now will license 98point6’s asynchronous telehealth. 98point6’s purchase price is 45% in cash and 55% in equity. 98point6 is also taking on six former staff in commercial and sales. Another small puzzle is that the website remains unchanged with last entries in July 2023 and no mention of MDLIVE. The company’s most recent LinkedIn posts also end in July 2023, yet a sample of the executive staff indicates that they remain employed at Axios, 98point6 release

Netsmart Technologies exploring $5 billion sale. The company is reportedly exploring a sale of its EHR and related software business via Goldman Sachs and William Blair in the coming weeks which could fetch up to $5 billion. The EHR has an estimated 754,000 users at community health centers, behavioral health centers, hospice care, and non-profits. This year’s EBITDA is estimated to be about $250 million. 

The current owners, GI Partners and TA Associates, bought it between 2016 and 2018, but its roots go back to 1992 (with an acquired company back to 1968). It went public in 1996, moved private in 2006, then went through various private equity owners including Allscripts, moving from NYC to Great River, Long Island and presently to Overland Park, Kansas. If the sale, likely to another group of PE investors, is successful, it would demonstrate signs of life in the dead healthcare M&A market.  Reuters   Axios’ sources estimate closer to a $4 billion sale

Another during CES announcement came from Caregility, which announced two new point of care telehealth edge devices. The APS200 Duo is the company’s first dual-camera, all-in-one system with onboard edge computing and a dedicated graphics engine. The new APS100 Pro is a second generation model of their all-in-one system with a wide-angle camera for remote patient observation. This can be upgraded with the APS FlexCam, an external high-definition 40x power zoom video camera for virtual nursing programs and remote patient examinations. The devices connect to the Caregility Cloud virtual care platform with multiple audio and video streams for clinical and care applications supporting workflows in acute and ambulatory settings. Release. Caregility also contributed a Perspectives on virtual nursing and telehealth in November.

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